Police Station
Police Station

From the desk of Sr. PI

The main purpose of this website is to provide an online platform for interaction with citizen. We invite youth to be our eyes and ears to ensure safety and well being of the society. We shall give prompt and compassionate response to every call of citizen’s in distress. We shall ensure the Rule of Law, enforce the law of the land impartially and firmly without fear or favor, and strive to create a fear free environment that is conducive to growth and development.

With a promise to be always at your service!

जयश्री गजभीये, Sr. PI, जोगेश्वरी Police Station,८९७६९५२०४४


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Telephone Numbers & Email ID

Telephone Nos : २८२२१६७२,२८२१०७६३

Email ID : ps[dot]jogeshwari[dot]mum[at]mahapolice[dot]gov[dot]in

Senior Officers and Other Information

Division: मेघवाडी विभाग

Divisional ACP : संपतराव शंकरराव पाटील

ACP office contact no. : २८३६७५४८

Zone : परिमंडळ १०

DCP Zone : मंगेश शिंदे

DCP office contact no. : २८३६७७६७,

Region : पश्चिम प्रादेशिक विभाग

Regional Addl. CP : परमजीत सिंह दहिया

Regional Addl. CP contact no : २६४०२१२२

Population : 1 Lakhs

Area : १.२ Sq.Kms.

No. of Beat Marshalls: 5

Beat Chowkies & Their Telephone Nos

Beat Chowki No 1 : पी. पी. डायस पोलीस चौकी

Beat Chowki No 2 : मकरानीपाडा पोलीस चौकी

Beat Chowki No 3 : बांद्रेकर वाडी पोलीस चौकी

Hospitals in the Jurisdiction of Police Station

Hospital Name 1 : बाळासाहेब ठाकरे बि.एम.सी . रूग्णालय

Hospital Phone 1 : ०२२२८२२४०८२

Hospital Name 2 : डॉ. आनंद रूग्णालय, राज रतन कॉ. ऑप . हौ . सोसायटी सर्व्हिस रोड जोगेश्वरी (पू .), मुंबई

Hospital Phone 2 : ९८०२०३०९९४७

Hospital Name 3 : शल्यक हॉस्पीटल, डॉ . गोविंद मसुरकर, एस.के. अपार्टमेंट, बी.क्र १० ,दलवाई कंपाऊंड गुंफा रोड जोगेश्वरी.पुर्व, मुंबई

Hospital Phone 3 : ९८३३६३०१०६

Hospital Name 4 : कामज रुग्णालय , डॉ. मनमोहन मधुकर कामत एफ ७०१/७०२/, सॅटेलाट पार्क, गुंफा रोड, जोगेश्वरी.पुर्व, मुंबई

Hospital Phone 4 : ९८२००१७७८३

Nearest Railway Station

Railway Station : जोगेश्वरी रेल्वे स्थानक

Bus Depo

Bus Depo : सद्भाक्ती बस डेपो, जोगेश्वरी (ई) मुंबई

Location & Jurisdiction Map